Voys describes himself as a musical painter maybe because one of his first interests used to be drawing.

His musical influences are vast. Mainly, he listened to singers from the 60/70’s (Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, David Bowie, John Lennon, Neil Young) but he also listened to soul music, electro, punk, rock and also rap.


He learnt to play guitar when he was 15. At the age of 21, he drooped out engineering school and formed with punks met in a music store the band “Nation Zero” musically inspired by “The Clash”. They practiced music in a 

home for young offenders. He kept on playing music in multiple bands and then he installed a recording studio at home where he could compose and record his own music and let him to be independent from anyone.

A new start

In April 2015, he organizes his first solo concert with just him, his guitar and a recording of his arrangements. The public reacted positively. Therefore, he decided to make his first solo project, "Louise in the Clouds", a musical painting in four episodes. The first episode was released in April 2016.